I haven't updated in a while!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Justin's birthday cake(made with buttercream icing)

 Our anniversary cake

 chocolate creme cake with peaunt butter icing

Monday, July 19, 2010

My number one customer asked me to do a simple cake for her husband using whipped icing.
I messed it up a bit right when I was almost done(as usual!)

I haven't posted anything in a while!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4th of July treats
(lemon cake with buttercream icing)

(Yellow cupcakes with buttercream and chocolate icing!)

A little treat for my daughter

My sister's birthday cake
(chocolate cake with buttercream icing)

Her son's birthday cake!
(yellow cake with whipped icing)

Summertime berries!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

This is a cake we made to take to our friend's house for dessert. 

It started out as a torte cake, but I ended up icing it all over!  It has fruit mixed in 3 layers with whipped lemon icing (my favorite!)

For my beautiful husband!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I honestly have one of the best guys in the world for my husband!  You know, he changed the first diaper, not me!  I might be biased, but I do believe he is an exceptional father and husband.  He's never imposed any of those gender roles and has always helped with housework and the kids.  When I was a stay-at-home mom and he worked over 40 hours a week, he would still come home to give me a break and even cook a beautiful dinner for us!  His spectacular personality and youthful spirit adds up to be my favorite man in the world.  My mad scientist!  My ocean horizon.

Happy Father's Day!

A new favorite!

I watched my boss make one of these at work today and thought it looked quite nice!  So I decided.to make one when I got home. 

Ella's 4th Birthday.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So, Ella's cake was AWESOME..until I drove 30 mins. in a car in 100+ degree weather :(

2 lessons learned: (1) take a picture BEFORE you attempt to transport it! (2) Don't take homemade buttercream icing out in hot hot hot weather. It melts.
Well, aside of the icing starting to slide off, there were 2 awesome towers. The yellow was the base of the castle and I made two towers out of rolled rice krispie treats that I iced with yellow and added little windows. They were topped with upside-down ice cream cones that were coated in pink icing. :( The one tower melted in half, despite the dowel, and the other would have been fine if the side of the castle hadn't crumbled in the car ride!

My sweet Ella makes me feel great about everything I do :) She loved her "Ariel Cake." ♥

Overall, I had a easy crowd to please. :) Even though the castle was in pieces, cake from scratch always taste delicious! I just need to make a icing that holds up in the heat next time!

Hello Kitty!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This is a quick practice cake I did the other night. I ended up giving it to one of my friends who loves Hello Kitty as a thank you for babysitting.
This was my first character cut-out cake, I iced it really well(first coat around all the cuts, hardest part, I think,) but I messed up a bit with the feautures. She sorta looks like a Wow Wow Wubzy character! My husband said she looks kinda like Snoopy. Overall, I think she's cute!

I'm Blogger illiterate..

Hello, friends!
I am struggling to pull this page together!
Aside of that, I am also struggling for a creative name for my cake business!

I had my first official order from my friend Teresa. It was a tiered cake for her awesome daughter's 21st birthday! It was a first on many levels. I have never made a tier cake, never made any frosting other than chocolate, peanut butter, and this mixture of coolwhip and sour cream(REALLY good) so buttercream was a first..
Fondant...as pretty as it is I don't know how people eat it. I consider it blasphemous to completely cover a cake with the horrid mess. It's a shame since it looks so pretty, but I haven't met one person who actually eats it! I will only use it to make decorations and such, unless I am asked, of course! Finally when I was piecing it all together, the fondant stripes started cracking, not to mention the icing had set and they wouldn't stick! I had to paint frosting to the back of the stripes before applying them. For so many firsts I think it came out alright!